Driving Government Digital Services through Efficient Data Management

In the operation of public sectors, digital citizen services are already in progress. Providing a more efficient and convenient public service experience has become a decisive key factor.

Empowering Technology to Transform Government Service Processes

Government public services demand compliance requirements, cost-efficiency optimization, and reinforced cross-agency data sharing. While facing the ever-growing challenges of data security and personal privacy protection, these services also handle vast amounts of data, necessitating efficient digital service operations. QSAN expert data storage solutions facilitate the successful digital transformation of government agencies.

Security Mechanisms Disrupting Hacker Threats

Global government and military organizations commonly face up to 15,000 cyberattacks every second. Aging systems are a primary risk, endangering sensitive data. Security measures like file encryption and access control defend against ransomware and viruses. Safeguarding government confidential information and personal data, reducing unauthorized data leak risks.

Security Mechanisms Disrupting Hacker Threats
Elevating Cross-Departmental Collaboration Productivity through Data Sharing

Elevating Intergovernmental Collaboration Efficiency with Data Sharing

Integrating cross-departmental resources, enabling digital storage and sharing of historical documents like project proposals and administrative announcements for the public sector. Our API architecture supports diverse platforms and cross-operating system applications, enhancing collaboration efficiency for smooth data management and sharing.

Outstanding Cost-Efficiency for Maximizing Budget Advantage

Under the constraints of limited resources and budget pressures, we provide superior performance and reliability, concurrently driving down the total cost of data storage (TCO), covering procurement, setup, operations, and maintenance. We optimize resource utilization, leading to significant long run cost reductions.

Outstanding Cost-Efficiency for Maximizing Budget Benefits

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