Accelerate Media Collaborative Workflows

As technology matures, the volume of professional image data is approaching the exabyte scale. In this trend, massive data management, as well as the conversion and preservation of digital content, becomes crucial for the transformation of the media industry.

Enhance Cutting-edge Image Processing Demands

Media playback and video post-production workflows demand high-performance hardware. With the rise of high-quality formats and increased resolution, existing technology may quickly become outdated.

Unlock Storage Performance to Accelerate Online Editing

Video editing relies heavily on storage performance. QSAN’s hybrid storage devices provide a robust virtual platform, meeting the demands of large-scale transcoding while ensuring seamless performance even with high-resolution requirements like 4K and 8K.

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Enhance Work Efficiency with Media File Sharing

Image professionals frequently access vast libraries for assets. A 10GbE high-performance environment ensures swift data retrieval, with completed files stored on virtual drives for seamless interdepartmental access, streamlining workflow efficiency.

Virtualized Applications to Reduce Costs

High-resolution imagery requires resource-intensive production systems. Deploying all-flash arrays for virtual graphics workstations and VDI accelerates workflows, ensuring uninterrupted service while reducing costs.

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