Energy 4.0: Driving the Energy Industry Towards Green Revolution

Industry 4.0’s growth fuels increased energy demands. The rise of new energy, coupled with AI, big data, and blockchain, accelerates the transformation of traditional energy industries.

Efficient Development of New Energy to Reduce Energy Consumption

Industrial users contribute over 40% to global energy consumption, a major factor in carbon emissions. To achieve global carbon neutrality, it is crucial to develop new energy sources while reducing overall energy consumption.

Shortening Energy Development Cycles

Critical data security is paramount in new energy development. For vital information, particularly data related to energy production, distribution, and storage, implementing SED ensures precise control over access permissions.

Virtualization Technology Enhances Energy Efficiency

Virtualization technologies reduce energy waste, enhance computational efficiency, and enable flexible operations. This allows research teams from different locations to collaboratively share and analyze data.

AI Smart Monitoring Improves Security in the Energy Industry

Through the application of AI storage technology, monitoring of large-scale energy plants includes overseeing human traffic, access control, and event analysis. This effectively enhances workplace safety, reduces energy waste, and saves labor costs.

benefit-AI smart monitor

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