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Indian Energy Solutions Provider Selects QSAN in Video Surveillance


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Scaling Surveillance Video Storage Requirements

Earlier, all video surveillance recordings were saved in the servers only. When these servers were getting aged, they became slow in day-to-day operations and also had limited space for video archiving. As per the latest compliance requirement, surveillance videos with high-resolution quality like FHD and UHD are required to be stored for longer days for future needs. The IT team realized it’s time to upgrade the storage infrastructure to external networked storge to meet this requirements and keep the storage for future scaling.


Enhancement in Data Transmission and Performance of the Surveillance System


With the consultancy of Score Information Technologies Ltd, the professional system integrator specialized in video surveillance solutions, QSAN XCubeNAS 7016R was selected. This QSAN system is in 3U chassis carying up to 16*3.5″ drive bays which are compatible in both SAS and SATA interface. It’s also expandable with additonal JBODs attached to achive petabyte capacity so it will allow addition of more cameras connected in the future. Besides advantage in scaling capacity, the firm’s IT team found QSAN system supporting high-availability in redundant power supplies and high network bandwidth with built-in 10GbE made significantly enhancement in data transmission and performance of the overall surveillance system. Furthur more. the inclusive WORM (Write Once, Read Many) feature protects all confidential data from unauthorized modification and cyberattacks.






Scalability, High Availability, and Security Solutions

Fast and Stable Solution

  • high-speed iSCSI 10GbE network
  • high-availability in redundant power supplies

Security Feature

  • WORM (Write Once, Read Many)
  • Data protection

"As per the latest compliance requirement, we need more storage for the growing surveillance videos to be stored for longer days for future needs. QSAN meets all our storage requirements in performance and easy management within budget. QSAN definitely stands out from the competitive brands we have deployed so far."

Senior Manager IT- CCTV operation center

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