Data Management Enhances Educational Research Benefits

The digital transformation of campuses and research, including the establishment of virtualized classrooms and labs. Powerful learning systems reduce the complexity of education and data management, creating a win-win educational environment.

Application of Limited Resources in Education Digital Transformation

Facing limited resources tight budgets, and lagging IT performance, QSAN storage solutions offer a high-performance, all-flash storage infrastructure. Effectively integrates and simplifies the management of digital material and courses, addressing the rapid data growth.

Deploying VDI to Create Immersive Learning Environment

With the rise of remote learning and virtual class tools like online exams and digital textbooks, meeting digital campus demands necessitates effective VDI adoption. This involves managing remote work deployment, offering high-performance virtual classrooms for course stability, and improving overall learning quality.


High-speed Datacenter Overcome Access Peak Time Crash

Establishing containerized Learning Management Systems (LMS) and administrative systems ensures stable performance and high-bandwidth connectivity, enabling seamless data access even during peak periods. In critical fields like AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing, leveraging high-speed I/O databases accelerates research results.

Built-in Protection Mechanisms Safeguard Research Data

Ransomware attacks threaten the operations of educational institutions and research endeavors. Utilizing WORM protects creative assets and research papers from cyberattacks. Further protection is provided through in-time or scheduled data backups to keep all essential educational materials safe.


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