5G Facilitates Telecommunication Data Architecture

Faced with declining EPS in telecom, an urgent cloud transition is needed for swift service deployment. QSAN storage solution enables real-time processing of IoT and edge data, leveraging 5G smoothness to boost revenue.

Big Data Driving High-Bandwidth Transmission

The telecom industry is actively advancing 5G infrastructure. With an expected global increase of 3.1 billion IoT devices this year, growing at over 22%. The interconnected devices generate over a billion data entries daily, posing a long-term IT challenge for data management.

High Availability for Stable Database Operations

The Internet service provider (ISP) database covers customer information, communication records, and network usage data. With a 99.999% reliable disaster recovery mechanism, it safeguards data from system exceptions, ensuring uninterrupted operational services.


High-Performance Support for Edge Data Management

With the widespread adoption of 5G networks, data processing moves closer to the edge and users, accelerating its speed. Flash arrays provide sustained accessibility and low latency, swiftly moving data from the core to the edge.

Flexible Architecture Transitioning to Cloud Native

Containerization with high application portability, promotes the implementation of microservices architecture, making systems easier to maintain and update. Scalable to PB-level storage devices, facilitating managed service provider (MSP) quick delivery and deployment of new services to meet dynamic market demands.


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