Data Governance Enhances Efficiency in Construction

The construction industry is adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) and VR. Through data collection and analysis, the transition to digital visualization results in more efficient engineering workflows.

IT Transformation in the Smart Construction Environment

The construction and operation process of architectural projects involves vast and diverse data. With a foundation in database technology, QSAN reliable storage solutions possess encryption protection and security mechanisms, enabling effective management and sharing of data.

Enhanced Construction Management via Surveillance System Storage

Utilizing facial recognition technology and camera systems enhances personnel control efficiency, reducing potential security risks. Equipped with high-capacity and high-performance storage devices ensures stable operation of the surveillance system, providing reliable protection for construction sites.

Enhanced Construction Management through Surveillance System Storage
Remote Backup Ensures the Security of Digitalized Process

Remote Backup Ensures the Security of Digitalized Process

Transitioning to electronic processes, from architectural blueprints and procurement to bidding and inspections, has made information transmission and management more precise. Remote backup data centers boost efficiency, quality, and project data security.

Elastic Resource Provisioning through Virtualization

BIM enables collaborative work on a shared virtual platform, while server virtualization is implemented to consolidate IT infrastructure. The scalable backup architecture allows for capacity expansion to the PB level to accommodate more VDI connections.

Elastic Resource Provisioning through Virtualization

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