USA Engineering Company Long-Term Workload Backup


USA Engineering Company: Over 30 Years of Expertise in Optimizing Transportation Systems

The engineering company offers services including municipal engineering, bridge design, traffic signal design and construction management and inspection, among others. Due to its professional teams, it has worked on various infrastructure projects with both govermental entities and private companies.





12-Year Data Retention Policy to Ensure Firms Compliance

As an engineering firm, the staff frequently uses sophisticated applications such as Bentley MicroStation, Bentley OpenRoads Designer, Miovision camera-based traffic data collection, and Autodesk Civil 3D.

These programs are crucial for designing transportation infrastructure and other civil structures, and they generate a vast amount of data that needs to be retained for an extended period of time.

A 12-year data retention policy is important to the firm as it allows the company to access valuable data, comply with industry regulations and standards, and protect itself against potential legal disputes. Due to the retention policy for such long period of time for numerous files, the firm requires storage that is extremely reliable and can withstand the test of time.


Running Veeam Backup and Recovery Software for Daily Workload Protection

U.S. Engineering Company-topology

From the experience that they have had with the 2 units of XS1216S of the XCubeSAN series, the engineering company is very satisfied with the stable performance during the past 5 years.

When the new generation of the XCubeSAN was launched in 2022, they decided to purchase 1 x XS3316D to reduce future expansion cost for their current data center. The XS3316D onboard with 4 x 10GbE SFP+ LAN port not only can save additional expenses for extra connection, but also improves the transmission efficiency.

The server on which runs the Veeam Backup and Recovery software connects to a Cisco Meraki switch, and then connects to the 3 XCubeSAN cabinets. The firm operates backups twice a day for important workload backup for an average of several hundred gigabytes per day.






Enterprise-grade Performance, Scalability, and Operational Simplicity at an Affordable Price

99.999% High Availability SAN Storage System Ensuring Resilience in Critical Situations

  • Fully redundancy in modular design
  • Dual-active architecture and automatic failover/failback mechanism
  • Cache-to-flash technology

Outstanding Performance and Reliability

  • Powerful Hybrid Storage in Entry Level
  • Flexible I/O Modules and Scale-up Capacity as Needed
  • Advanced Data Protection to Safeguard Assets
  • Secure Data and Management

"The XCubeSAN systems have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and resilience. They have shown their reliability and gained our trust over years."

Senior System Administrator

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