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Regular Backups for Ling Tung University Administration System


Ling Tung University: Nurturing Professional Talents in Both Industry and Academic

As one of the top universities of technology in Taiwan, Ling Tung University is keen to bridge the gap between theory and practice, helping students put into practice what they have learned and expand their horizons. Quoted from “Ling Tung University official website”.





Coping with Rising Data Demands

Ling Tung University recognizes the need for future-proofing against data growth, including student and staff data, projects, and academic resources. The establishment of strong data protection measures with data disasters is essential.

High-performance data access and management are critical for the smooth functioning of academic and administrative operations at universities. Consequently, Ling Tung University is actively seeking a storage solution with flexible scalability.


Data Resilience and Ease of Management

LingTung University-topology

To overcome these challenges, Ling Tung University choosed QSAN XCubeSAN as their storage solution. XS5312D 8-core processor is a high-performance storage system that meets the university’s high speed access needs and makes the students and staffs access their data fluently.

Designed with flexible scalability, Ling Tung University can expand the storage capacity according to the needs. It also equips outstanding data protection functions, including snapshots and backups, to ensure data security and recoverability. Through a simple and intuitive management UI, the IT team can easily manage the storage system with effortlessness.






Outstanding Performance and Comprehensive for Academic Applications

High Availability

  • High-speed Internet Access
  • Powerful Hardware

Data Protection

  • Scheduled Backups
  • Snapshot Protect Data from Loss or Failure

"QSAN storage provides powerful solution that meets every data needs while ensuring performance, scalability and data protection for Ling Tung University."

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