Data Backup for A Big Japanese Car Maker


Resilient High-Performance Backup for Major Japanese Automaker Ensures Business Continuity

With nearly 3 decades of presence since established in Vietnam from 1990s, the Japanese car maker has solidified its prominent position as leading multinational manufacturer in the automotive industry, experiencing continual growth in production capacity, sales and service, and delivering vehicales to worldwide.

Recognized as the world’s foremost automobile producer, the Japanese car maker has consistently aspired to be an environmentally conscious business, aligning with a “green” ethos, and is unwavering in its commitment “freedom of movement for everyone” to offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize customers’ peace of mind and happiness throughout their journeys.





Innovative Automotive Industry and Efficient Data Management

As one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, the Japanese car maker has committed to developing automotive electronics to provide exceptional vehicles to the public. This commitment encompasses not only hardware such as body building and engines but also in-vehicle infotainment software, offering a comprehensive and enjoyable driving experience.

The intricacy of the business coupled with the ever-expanding volume of data presented numerous challenges. Consequently, a storage solution was essential to help meet their objectives efficiently and with high performance. This solution aimed to ensure swift backup completion times, guaranteeing timely backup of all data of software development at a cost-effective rate.


Japanese Automaker Partners with QSAN for Secure, Scalable Backup Solutions


Collaborating with its reliable partner and QSAN, this Japanese automotive manufacturer addressed its data backup needs through QSAN solutions. They opted for the XCubeSAN XS3300 series, which carries enterprise-level performance while maintaining an affordable price point. Offering robust reliability and scalability, XS3300 series guarantees data security and accessibility. It encompasses comprehensive data protection and backup functionalities such as periodic snapshots and off-site backups, ensuring the safety and integrity of data while facilitating swift data recovery. Now, all generated data is securely backed up in a resilient, high-performance storage system to safeguard business continuity.






The implementation of QSAN XS3326 enabled the Japanese car maker to attain quicker backup speeds and enhanced storage capabilities, thanks to its exceptional performance, high availability, and adaptable scalability.

PB-Scale Growth

  • The XCubeSAN Series offers flexible expansion options to help organizations navigate the challenges of rapid data growth effectively.

Exceptional Performance

  • The XCubeSAN series is engineered for high performance, enabling businesses of various scales to seamlessly adapt to the fast-paced advancements in technology.

"XS3326 is exceptionally straightforward to deploy, leading to a notable enhancement in our day-to-day operations. Its outstanding performance in managing substantial data loads and offering a multitude of features renders it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their storage infrastructure."

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