Government of Mykolaiv Leading City Security Through Large-Scale Surveillance


Leading the Way in City Security through Large Scale Surveillance

Mykolaiv, a city with a population of about half a million inhabitants, had initiated the first phase of the “Safe City” project, which aimed to improve the informatization and electronic management in Ukrainian cities were based on a “Safe City” project. This phase focused on developing the basic core of the information and telecommunication system for video surveillance and video analytics, known as “Safe City Mykolaiv”.





Complex IT Environment Requires Easy-to-Manage Unified Management Platform

The development of the information and telecommunication system for video surveillance and video analytics, “Safe City Mykolayiv”, presented several challenges. First, integrating diverse surveillance technologies into a cohesive system required meticulous planning and coordination. Ensuring the system’s scalability to cover the entire city while maintaining high-quality video analytics was critical.


QSAN Unified Storage Features PB-Level Capacity with High Density Western Digital Expansion Unit


To address the challenges faced in the development of the “Safe City Mykolayiv” system, a scalable storage solution was implemented, utilizing QSAN XCubeNXT unified storage with Western Digital JBOD as the infrastructure. XCubeNXT provides a reliable and flexible platform capable of handling large amounts of video data with high performance and efficiency. The Western Digital JBOD complemented this setup by offering expansive storage capacity that could be easily scaled to meet the growing needs of city surveillance networks.






XCubeNXT provides High performance, high availability, and easy scalable platform to ensure the quality and reliability of the surveillance project.

PB-Level Expansion

  • Large-scale surveillance is a capacity-demanding task. XCubeNXT actually solves this problem through PB-level scalability

High Bandwidth Connectivity

  • The XCubeNXT series provides high bandwidth to meet the input and data retention requirements of more than 200 IP cameras

"We believe the project will successfully complete within a year and adding over 200 cameras with powerful QSAN XCubeNXT series."

Yevgen Bogachenko, Director of the Municipal Information and Computing Center

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