Integrate Kaohsiung Hospital PACS Medical Platform


Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Pingtung Branch: Teaching Hosptial

Since the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital was first founded, has upheld core principles of high-quality service, ambition, innovation, reverence for life, and utmost care. Engaged in the integration of the Southern District Veterans Medical Network, it elevates medical standards, supports community groups, and rural care, and actively participates in international medical affairs.





Enhancing Healthcare Resilience through Advanced Medical Infrastructure Upgrade

In response to the continuous onslaught of coronavirus, a brand new medical environment equipped with high-quality treatment, an optimized medical system, and professional medical personnel was planned for the local citizens of Kaohsiung. To counter the compound challenges that the hospital faced in its expansion, the QSAN XCubeSAN storage solution with Dual Active-Active architecture and SAN OS 4.0 core system interface was integrated.


Facilitating Healthcare Professionals and the Public to Access Crucial Information Quickly


XCubeSAN harnesses the power of a high-performance Intel® processor, ensuring seamless data storage and retrieval with 99.9999% high availability and unmatched reliability. The swift integration of QSAN storage with the Medincomb Smart Wonder PACS medical resource platform has earned the trust of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital.

This dual-controller architecture facilitates rapid integration, enabling efficient online operations and information access for clinic departments. XCubeSAN enhances internal management and communication by swiftly displaying crucial image data on clinic screens, providing easy access for both medical personnel and patients, to obtain the necessary information with ease.






Enhancing Medical Efficiency through Integration with the Smart Wonder PACS Medical Resource Platform

Fast RAID Rebuild

  • Abnormal disks can be repaired in minimal time when they are swapped out so that the system is essentially optimized at all times. QSAN’s storage demonstrates its prowess in high availability and quality design.


  • The centralized management system collects and displays information on all QSAN products on the main server. Display information includes that of pools, volumes, and disks, as well as a detailed performance report for up to one year. Through this report information, users can assess the current status of their storage to better predict and resolve problems.

"We chose QSAN XCubeSAN for rapid integration with Smart Wonder PACS medical platform, ensuring swift display of image data on clinic wing screens. This enhances operational efficiency, benefiting both staff and patients with minimal delays."

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