Accelerating the Technological Transformation of National Digital Education Institutions


Digital Transformation of Education is Necessary in AI Age

The institution is committed to the development of technical education, including basic, applied and exploratory scientific research, experimental development, synthesis and monitoring research in the field of educational digitalization.

It develops advanced information technology, including “end-to-end” digital platforms and educational technology. The institute has created and implemented many educational programmes, digital portals and systems that are currently used at all levels of education.






Out-Dated Infrastructure is no Longer Sufficient for AI DevOpS

Due to the increase in educational programs, there is a need to significantly expand the existing infrastructure. Current storage solutions cannot meet the need of continued rapid data growth and the DevOps environment .

They were forced to test and release new software and programs within increasingly tight deadlines. They were looking for a reliable, fast and affordable storage with good scalability.


High Performance and Multi Host Connections Helps DevOps Operation

DevOps environments require high-speed data access. The QSAN XCubeSAN XS5326, with its powerful 8-core processing unit and built with all flash configuration, is the perfect solution. Connect to the host via 25 GbE iSCSI for the most cost-effective solution without compromising performance.

Both XS5326 are connected to the QSAN JBOD which holds the SSD and HDD. Each XCubeSAN storage supports up to 20 JBODs for a total of 16 PB of raw capacity. Mature Auto-tiering technology ensures maximum optimal data distribution, while SSD cashing delivers speed. XEVO storage management system provides many features to make DevOps operations faster and more secure and also helps organization allocate resources efficiently.






XCubeSAN Provides High Performance, High Availability, and Comprehensive Built-in Data Management Features to Improve Service Quality, Reliability and Shorten the Time of DevOps.

PB-Level Expansion

  • Facing rapid data growth, flexible expansion provided by XCubeSAN Series helps organizations to the obstacles.

Outstanding Performance

  • The XCubeSAN series is designed to be performance-oriented and help businesses of all sizes adapt to the era of rapid technological advancement.

"QSAN storage solutions offer excellent performance and reliability with affordable price and premium service."

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