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New CB Party Elevates Media Storage and Entertainment


New CB Party Culture & Arts: Pioneering Innovation in Taiwan's KTV Industry

Since its establishment in March 2009, New CB Party has been at the forefront of transforming Taiwan’s KTV industry. Founded by a Taiwan-based original team, our unwavering confidence in innovative thinking has revolutionized restaurant entertainment. With equipment and refurbishing modeled after five-star restaurants, our branches offer a premium quality buffet experience that is both fashionable and affordable. From the introduction of the “Shining Idol” Package to the release of the “Dynamic High” package, we consistently upgrade our facilities to provide customers with the ultimate visual and sound experience. In 2018, we became industry leaders by installing air purifiers in all branches to ensure crisp air quality. Through meticulous planning and a commitment to perseverance, our Taipei flagship store, integrating KTV entertainment, themed restaurant, guest reception, KTV historical museum, and more, became an iconic landmark in the KTV cultural and creative industry. Discover a world of unwinding and entertainment at New CB Party with countless selections for food and song.





StarHub Creative: Navigating Challenges to Redefine the Entertainment Landscape

From time immemorial, gatherings have embraced the trifecta of music, dance, and delectable cuisine, weaving the fabric of cultural exchange. StarHub Creative’s original KTV team, understanding the intrinsic elements of social gatherings, strategically addressed industry challenges. Armed with a logical approach and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, they seamlessly integrated the KTV industry with culinary culture, pioneering a groundbreaking consumption model that blends dining and singing into an unforgettable experience. The adoption of the QSAN XCubeSAN 1216S system set new standards in the leisure and entertainment market, establishing a resilient foundation for enduring success across generations.

StarHub Creative, looking ahead, continues its journey of refinement. Guided by a team with a $20 billion investment in the food and entertainment planning sector, they actively expand their business both domestically and internationally. The focus remains on providing more comfortable gathering environments, thoughtful entertainment services, and customer-friendly pricing. The vision is clear — to become a globally recognized leader in food and entertainment, making singing a universally cherished activity.


Revolutionizing Media Storage and Instant Song Search for Unparalleled Entertainment


QSAN’s XCubeSAN 1216 proved instrumental in elevating media storage services, delivering high throughput to multiple booths at New CB Party Culture & Arts. Customers now experience instantaneous and simultaneous song searches with no latency issues. Committed to continuous improvement, New CB Party, guided by an industry leader with a 20 billion NTD proposal track record, targets Taiwan as its initial market.
The organization aims to expand its brand both domestically and overseas, prioritizing cozier gathering environments, enhanced entertainment services, and customer-friendly pricing. New CB Party stands as a global leader in the restaurant and entertainment industry, inviting everyone to join the nationwide movement of celebrating singing!






Our business philosophy is “Servicing with Integrity, Sustaining Enterprise Development, Working with Togetherness, Striving for Excellence”, while we remind ourselves that our accomplishments must: “Possess Merit, Surpass the Competition, Distinguish with Brilliance”. We acknowledge the importance of cultivating all-rounders in our talents, but moreso hope that by providing more high-quality system services paired with QSAN’s XCubeSAN XS1216 high-efficiency storage that both our large customer base and employees may relish in a premier media and entertainment environment.

"XS1216 was not only vital to enhancing our capacity for media storage services, but also provided high throughput for our numerous booths so our customers may instantaneously and simultaneously search for songs with no latency difficulties... both our large customer base and employees may relish in a premier media and entertainment environment"

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