Vinod Patel Boosts Veeam Backup with QSAN


South Pacific Region's Long-Standing Major Retail Group

Vinod Patel is a family-owned business that has been providing service for over 50 years in Fiji and the South Pacific Region. The group comprises nine retail, distribution, and manufacturing business units spread across 18 locations in Fiji, Samoa, and Timor-Leste, with over 1,300 employees and more than 20,000 in-stock products.

To ensure the smooth operation of their data center backups orchestrated by Veeam, Vinod Patel recently deployed a QSAN XS3316D Storage Area Network (SAN) as their primary storage. This has resulted in a highly efficient backup of approximately 20TB of data from 20 virtual machines (VMs). The deployment was completed by Virtual Flex Solutions, a leading IT solutions provider in Fiji.





Secure & Efficient Network Storage Solutions for Business Growth

To ensure the adequate storage capacity and performance for their production servers, Vinod Patel needed a network storage solution that could securely store and back up over 20 workloads of approximately 20TB capacity. It also needed to provide quick backup completion times to ensure all data was backed up in a timely manner.


Enhancing Backup Efficiency with QSAN SAN Storage Deployment


With the QSAN XS3316D SAN, Vinod Patel was able to add significant high-performance storage capacity to their Veeam Backup repository, resulting in improved backup and restoration processes. The SAN features an expandable design, allowing the system to be scaled up as needed, full redundancy, and advanced data protection capabilities, making it ideal for mission-critical applications such as virtualization or database operations.

“The QSAN XS3316D deployment was very easy, and we did not encounter any errors or challenges in deploying the solution,” says Deepak Singh, Manager IT Operations & Infrastructure.

The deployment of the QSAN XS3316D SAN has resulted in a remarkable improvement in daily operations. Incremental backups that previously took up to six hours now take just 1.5 hours – a quarter of the time taken compared to the previous setup. This has enabled higher backup speed times and more efficient storage capabilities with the onsite backups, while also achieving an improved Recovery Point Objective/Recovery Time Objective (RPO/RTO) with better efficiency.






Achieving Efficiency and Reliability Storage Infrastructure

Veeam Ready​

  • The certified system ensures the best compatibility.​
  • Cross-platform backup enhances the best security.​
  • Enjoy comprehensive support from Veeam.

Powerful Management System​

  • Concise dashboard empower the management.​
  • Easy configure the system in 5 minutes.​
  • Convenient log system and disk life monitor prevents your data from potential threats.

"The QSAN SAN storage deployment was very easy, and we did not encounter any errors or challenges in deploying the solution."

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