Ensuring Bank Business Continuity in the Digital Finance Era


A Regional Commercial Bank Located in Northern Taiwan

The bank is a regional commercial bank that originated in northern Taiwan and has been operating in the region for more than a century.





Facing Increasing Data Storage Needs and Information Security Challenges

The bank, as a financial institution with more than 100 years of development. As business grows and the amount of business data continues to increase, the old storage system is unable to cope with the changing business needs.

In addition, the requirements for data security, reliability, and performance are also increasing day by day. The bank needs a high-availability storage solution that is efficient and the capacity can be expanded as business grows to meet the digital financial era.


Empowering Banks with Performance, Scalability, and Robust Data Protection


The bank selected QSAN’s modern storage solution. QSAN provides solutions with excellent performance, high scalability and excellent data protection capabilities. QSAN’s XEVO storage management system provides mature RAID technology and snapshot functions and supports SED drives.

Simultaneously, equipped with modular 99.9999% high-availability hardware specifications that can be replaced and upgraded online throughout the machine. It builds reliable infrastructure for the bank. In addition, the QSAN technical support team assisted the bank in establishing the most ideal storage environment while reducing unnecessary costs.






QSAN’s Storage Solution Successfully Overcame the Challenges Faced by the Bank

Providing Strong Support for the Bank’s Business Development

  • Outstanding performance
  • 99.9999% High availability
  • Flexible Scalability

"QSAN's system architecture is equipped with the latest storage technology, as well as high-performance hardware architecture and software design. Its modular design allows the bank to expand the storage capacity easily and ensures that the system maintains stable performance under high workload. At the same time, QSAN's system has a user-friendly and smooth UI system management application, which minimizes the burden on information management personnel and reduces labor costs."

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