Backup IT Environment for Toy Manufacturer Clementoni


The story of Clementoni, the biggest italian company in the production of educational toys, goes back in 1963 when the visionary Mario Clementoni founded the company in Recanati and later invented the first italian boardgame, a product still almost unknown in Italy during the 60s.The company never stopped since, advancing the philosophy of its founder,”Gaming is a serious business”, helping children from all over the world to use their imagination and grow. During the 70s, the company saw an astounding growth, obtaining the license for the production of Walt Disney branded products and opening up to the export market with one of its leading products, the jigsaw puzzles. When the 90s market saw the launch of scientific games and a range of products for early infancy via Youtube’s to change the lives of grown-up and kids alike, Clementoni saw this burst onto the scene as a big opportunity and launched the first tablet with educational content, along with apps developed by an R&D team and a safe browsing system. Today, with 6 product lines and many new product coming out every year, Clementoni continues to be a leader in its own market and is constantly on the lookout for new game concepts.





Clementoni marketing and graphics divisions needed a storage solution that could operate correctly with AFP and SMB in a mixed environment with Mac and Windows clients with adequate performance, flexible backup solutions, and data security.


The adoption of two QSAN XCubeNAS XN8024R made it easy for Clementoni to meet their requirements in a complex environment. The main node, expanded with XCubeDAS 5324 system, meets the capability and data security needs, gathering the backup from various clients and enabling snapshots to secure critical data. The need of a remote backup is met by the second XN8024R, located in another rack cabinet connected to the first one with network. The first unit does the backup tasks to the second unit using both Rsync and Time Machine features, while the second unit does further snapshots to ensure data security in the second site.






XCubeNAS series supports multiple file sharing protocol and PB level expansion ability, providing sutable storage solution for every scale of enterprise.

"QSAN XN8024R expanded with XD5324 JBOD perfectly met customer requirement of a stable and mixed backup environment for Clementoni's marketing and graphics divisions, while ensuring the security of data thanks to the simple and reliable snapshot technology made available by the QSM management system. The valuable advice and support of IT Store made it easy to install and deploy the QSAN units in our complex infrastucture."

Gian Luca Mora - IT Store

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