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Maximized product reliability to empower and enable partners to tackle more challenging and demanding projects

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Customized XCubeFAS / XCubeNXT promotions are available specifically within your region

Benefits for QSAN Reseller Partners

Wanna grow your business? Let’s go bigger and better together!  

Effective Trainings 

You will be armed with expert-level product knowledge to help end users in time

Greater Profits

You can maximize your profits by deal registration to secure exclusive rebates

Upgraded Services

You can upsell multiple options of value-adding services for your clients

Prioritized Support

You can get prioritized pre-sales and technical support for any inquiries

Marketing Resources

You can access a variety of marketing collateral to generate more potential leads

Deal Protection

You can fully protect your deals through the easy deal registration process

Unlock the Full Potential of Your IT Infrastructures with QSAN

A reliable and efficient data storage appliance is essential for the success of any business. QSAN provides a broad range of data storage products to help you go with various opportunities and meet clients’ requirements across industries


Premium NVMe All-Flash Array with Ultra Performance & Low Latency

QSAN XF3126 bundled with SD4 NVMe SSD delivers highest throughput with microsecond-level latency for performance-sensitive workloads


Versatile Unified Storage with High Availability, Flexibility, and Scalability

QSAN XCubeNXT achieves a balance of high performance and cost-effectiveness through a consolidated storage platform

They All Use QSAN Solutions!

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