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Accelerate XCubeNAS with all NVMe Array

November 30, 2023
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Taipei City, Taiwan – November 30, 2023 – QSAN Technology Inc., a leading storage solutions provider in Taiwan, is exciting to announce that its XCubeNAS 8104R is now supporting NVMe all-flash solution and has significantly improved the performance. According to actual test results, XN8104R equipped with NVMe SSD improves 4K random read performance by 141% and 4K random write performance by 227% compared with traditional SATA SSD. At the same time, there are onboard 4-port 10GbE LAN ports on the XN8104R generally, providing powerful connection capabilities without additional cost. On top of that, XN8104R also provides powerful maximum capacity up to 9PB. XCubeNAS redefines storage systems and sets new standards for compact and high-workload NAS.

Key Performance Advancements of the Upgraded XCubeNAS:

NVMe SSD is known for its extremely high data transfer speed and low latency, making it more efficient in storage applications such as data access, backup, and file sharing. This means users can expect lightning-fast access to their data, resulting in significantly reduced wait times and a smoother experience. In addition, there is no limitation to the maximum capacity of a single volume of XCubeNAS thanks to the QSM. Large files can be stored in any folder or storage volume. Its flexibility can cope with most usage scenarios. Whether you are dealing with large files or have multiple users accessing them at the same time, XCubeNAS 8104R is able to build a NVMe SSD cache storage pool and connect to QSAN or third-party expansion devices to easily reach a petabyte-level NVMe tiered storage environment.

XCubeNAS 8104R can meet the demanding workload scenarios mostly. Especially in working environments with high performance requirements such as media editing and short-term backup. Taking advantage of the ultra-high-speed data transfer speed provided by NVMe SSD, media editors can access multimedia files instantly which is stored in NAS, or it may provide enterprises with the ability to back up large-capacity data in a short time. The high-speed access speed provided by NVMe SSD will significantly reduce the user’s time cost, thereby achieving greater benefits.

The performance enhancement doesn’t just mean speed; it is also referred to operational efficiency. Businesses can achieve more in less time, whether it is running complex applications, processing multimedia content, or sharing data across the network by implementing the XCubeNAS series. 

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